About Us

Meet Team Landmrk

The People Looking to put you on the map

Seth Jackson

Mister Mister

Paul King

Mr Tech

Tom Nield

Mister Sister

How Did We Get Here?

Landmrk grew out of Mercury Prize-winning band Alt-J wanting fans to enjoy a first listen of their album in beauty spots worldwide

Since then, the Landmrk platform has been used in ever more innovative ways by brands as diverse as Tesco's, Showtime and Sony Music Latin -- netting Shorty and Latin American PR Excellence Awards along the way

  • Music labels innovate on Landmrk
  • Retailers activate customers
  • Brands engage their audiences
  • Tourist agencies transform maps

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Marketing 90%
Design 95%
Team Work 85%

The Landmrk Experience

How users open and interact with our maps

Link Shared

Landmrk is supported by the mobile web, so can be accessed app free through clicking a shared URL

Map Opened

After any intro pages, the user opens a fully branded map featuring their position and those of nearby hotspots

Hotspot Accessed

Hotspots can be positioned anywhere. Once accessed, they can deliver anything supported by mobile web

Why choose Landmrk?

App-Free Mobile Web Solution means agile activation