Big Beat

Big Beat Use ESA Space Data To Personalise Album Build-Up

About the project

When you partner up with Big Beat Records, previously home to acts like Chromeo and Hercules & Love Affair, it’s best to operate on the basis that the unexpected is odds on to make an appearance. But even knowing that, the Warner Music-rostered label managed to build a project blending Landmrk, data harvested from the European Space Agency (ESA) and its own ‘Big Beat Ignition: Space’ release into something completely new. As a rule, Landmrk activations follow a user flow that moves audiences through an initial engagement (usually triggered through a social link), encouraging them into a journey to locate a hotspot, where they will access a reward. Big Beat took a very different tack, opting to utilise Landmrk’s new logic engine -- which is powered by data furnished by ESA and its hugely powerful satellite network -- to personalise audience rewards (in the form of Space Cadet Ensign Badges) based on the user’s position in both space and time at the point of engagement.


Big Beat arguably delivered a Landmrk masterclass, with social media updates fanning out from the label’s @wearebigbeat Twitter channel and through the social media profiles of the artists who appear on “Big Beat Ignition: Space” as tracks were trailed one at a time over six days. Content was kept both fresh and bespoke by employing ESA space data to genuinely personalise every output to every fan worldwide who participated, with top territories including: the US, UK, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. In this way Big Beat secured a global buzz for an, ahem, out of this world launch…