Bring Me The Horizon

Landmrk Billboards Push As Bring Me The Horizon Top UK Charts

About the project

Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon marked the release of their latest album, “Amo”, by encouraging fans worldwide to hunt down billboards promoting the record, accessing exclusive content through their mobile phones. Around 100 billboards were activated using Landmrk, hosting dedicated audio clips for the project, handwritten new lyrics and reproductions of the album artwork with a bespoke selfie filter. UK users could also enter competitions to win “Amo” merchandise.


Fans spent around 50,000 minutes on the platform, key activities being pre-ordering “Amo” in record numbers for a Landmrk campaign at that point, unlocking images and videos thousands of times and snapping hundreds of selfies. The record ended up being the band’s first chart-topping LP in the UK, cementing their relentless progress by continuing an incredible run of all their releases improving on the last.