Singer-Songwriter Lauv Seeds New Album Using Landmrk

About the project

US pop singer-songwriter Lauv (he wrote Charlie XCX’s ‘Boys’, fact fans) trailed debut album ‘How I’m Feeling’ with a worldwide Landmrk campaign offering fans the chance to get a taste of new tracks pre-release and share their current mood via a bespoke selfie filter (see #howimfeeling). In addition to snippets from songs like ‘Drugs & The Internet’, ‘I’m So Tired’ and ‘Who’, he offered up exclusive outtakes from YouTube series ‘One Man Boyband’ and assorted promo shots.When fans opened hotspots -- which were extended to cover entire cities as the Covid-19 shutdown started to extend across the planet -- they could also register for first plays of the album in full on Spotify or Apple Music, with other updates through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


On Day One of the campaign, @lauvsongs Tweeted a link to, driving a spike of around 40,000 users to the activation. Led by fans in the US, South Korea (one of the tracks includes a collaboration with members of boyband BTS) and the UK, page views were driven towards 160,000, with around a quarter of all participants logging in to Lauv’s social channels. By extending the size of hotspots, the campaign generated a second surge in participation -- something that no Landmrk campaign had done previously and a smart move that we’ll be sharing with marketing teams in future. ‘How I’m Feeling’ charted at 16 in the Billboard 200 and climbed to no. 9 in the UK.