Melanie Martinez

'The Voice' Star Trails Feature Film Album Launch on Landmrk

About the project

Following up the platinum-selling success of your debut album with a 90-minute magical realist online feature set in a surreally cruel high school (with distinct Baroque overtones) isn’t maybe the most obvious move music has ever seen, but in “K-12” Melanie Martinez has done just that. Pre-release, her fans were directed to complete 13 ‘Assignments’ on the Landmrk platform, for which they were rewarded with early clips from the poisoned-pastel pop palette of the former winner of America’s “The Voice”. Each of these hotspots -- which were positioned across 53 cities in 13 different countries -- was only open for a window of an hour, so fans had to be engaged and ready to reap the rewards.


Ultimately, 200,000 Melanie Martinez fans got directly involved, generating half a million page views and driving 240,000 minutes of engagement in the process. Tweets on Martinez’s account saw more than 150,000 likes and -- on the ground -- fans in the US, Mexico and Brazil topped the hotspot unlock table. Seven days after its launch, “K12- The Movie” has surged to 24 million views.