The Heist

The Heist Launches New Series With Clue Trails Nationwide

About the project

When Sky One was looking for a way to promote the launch of whodunnit crime series “The Heist”, it turned to Landmrk to bring the concept to life for viewers up and down the UK. The show sees ten people team up to steal (and then try to conceal) £250,000 while being pursued by a crack team of dedicated detectives. While the Landmrk iteration wasn’t quite that intense, £10,000 was up for grabs for contestants who could ID the thieves behind a security van raid told across trails of hotspots nationwide.


The Heist set up trails made of six hotspots in parks and open spaces in towns and cities up and down the UK. Users headed to a starting point where they learned about the activation and then moved through four clues, before heading to a final hotspot to submit their verdict on the perpetrator and submit competition entries via Facebook Connect. The randomly selected winner bagged £5,000… with a further £5,000 going to someone who shared the campaign on social media.