The Vamps

Red Letter Day: Married In Vegas With Landmrk

About the project

They say you never forget your first time and everyone knows that third’s the charm, but doing things twice over is, we believe at Landmrk, criminally under-rated. Which is why it was a joy to work with The Vamps all over again on the release of their latest single. In summer 2018 the band, who originally connected via YouTube, used Landmrk to promote their 13-date UK ‘Night & Day’ tour and generated hotspots in the city or town the band were playing in, allowing fans to access exclusive content and prizes. This time around The Vamps wanted to trail a new release and encouraged fans to hunt down augmented reality letters to be shared and rearranged to spell out “Married In Vegas”. Cue Twitter and Facebook posts and…


At Landmrk we love these worldwide race-type projects as the excitement and engagement shine through the comments on social media. More than 32,000 Vamps fans engaged with the campaign, with over 50% of them unlocking letters to share -- in our book, that’s a wildly successful result by any standards. Page views edged 100,000, the band’s global appeal was evident from the numbers -- The Philippines ranked third after UK and the US -- and more than half of users were in the target demographic. Going forward, marketing opt-in topped 12%, the band actually put on 5,000 Spotify follows and clicks to the pre-order page topped 6,000. With performance like that, if third time really is the charm, it’s going to be amazing.