CNCO Trailed Debut Album 'Primera Cita' And Latest Single 'Solo Yo' Using Landmrk

About the project

Latin American boyband CNCO first used Landmrk to make the launch of their debut album, ‘Primera Cita’, a real event for their fans (aka #CNCOwners). Using the Landmrk platform, they and their label -- Sony Music Latin -- built a week-long experiential marketing campaign offering fans across the US, Latin America and Spain the opportunity to unlock a track a day from the album. They recently returned to the platform to deliver an innovative activation around the launch of new single ‘Solo Yo’. The track’s video was split into 4,218 frame which were placed for fans to recover from hotspots worldwide. If there wasn’t a hotspot nearby, a #CNCOwner could request one to be created, and when all the frames were recovered, the video was released.


Tens of thousands of #CNCOwners interacted with the first campaign, which won the Social Media category of the 2017 Latin American PR Excellence Awards and was a finalist in the North American PR Excellence Awards. ‘Solo Yo’ drove 204,000 sessions worldwide, with an average dwell time of 2 mins 57 seconds -- adding up to a total of 601,800 engaged minutes. Fans requested a full 24,000 additional hotspots, clicked on links to Spotify and Facebook 32,000 and 31,000 times respectively, and created 3,000 social posts using the hashtags #CNCOGo and #CNCOalbum.