'Primera Cita' Album Track Previews

About the project

As the first ever winners of Syco’s ‘La Banda’ TV talent show, boyband CNCO were intent on making the launch of debut album ‘Primera Cita’ a real event for their fledgling fans (aka #CNCOwners). Using the Landmrk platform, they and their label -- Sony Music Latin -- built a week-long experiential marketing campaign offering fans across the US, Latin America and Spain the opportunity to unlock a track a day from the album. Fans navigated their way to Landmrk hotspots in their city using a branded map, unlocking the music on arrival as well as a digital CNCO medal to show off on social media. These included the fan’s name and photo alongside the title of the unlocked track, the location of the hotspot and the fan’s worldwide ranking (determined by how quickly they reached the music). The desktop version of the campaign tracked the progress of unlocks around the world and also featured a dynamic leaderboard showing which country boasted the most dedicated #CNCOwners. As an added bonus, when the target number of unlocks was hit, video messages from the band appeared on the landing page.


Tens of thousands of #CNCOwners interacted with the campaign, tracking its progress with the fan-generated #CNCOGo hashtag likening the initiative to ‘Pokémon GO!’. The Twitter hashtag trended in Dominican Republic, the band’s Facebook traffic doubled and fan-generated content surged, including videos of groups unlocking tracks, Photoshopped ‘Pokémon GO!’ images, and screenshots of fans tracking their progress towards hotspots. The campaign also won the Social Media category of the 2017 Latin American PR Excellence Awards and was a finalist in the North American PR Excellence Awards. To find out more about this experiential marketing activation, contact Landmrk direct at