Entertainment Weekly Details Shakira's Landmrk Project

The go-to showbiz publication detailed Latina superstar Shakira's collaboration with Landmrk to reveal artwork, track listings and exclusive backstage content in the run-up to the launch of "El Dorado". More than 1,000 'Goldspots' were put live across 99 countries, one of which was set up to trail a pop-up busk in New York.

Homeland campaign lauded as 'Best Digital Activation'

TV marketing innovations experts Vast lauded Showtime Networks' smart use of Landmrk to trail the launch of "Homeland" Series 6 by turning fans in Manhattan into special agents tasked with intercepting Presidential phone calls.

Techworld Tag Landmrk as Tourism Start-Up to watch

In the wake of Landmrk’s successful pitch to Paris Region, the French capital’s official tourism body, Techworld listed Landmrk as a UK-based tourism start-up to watch. Employing the platform to show personalised journeys, real-time travel information and surrounding attractions caught their imagination.

Billboard on CNCO using Landmrk to build their own Pokémon GO!

US music’s publication of record, Billboard, explained how “La Banda”-winning Latin American boyband energised their fans by sharing early tracks from debut album “Primera Cita” by building a “Pokémon GO!”-style experience on the Landmrk platform.

MusicAlly profiles the early days of the Landmrk Platform and wonders: how will it be used next?

With alt-J and Keith Richards having already employed Landmrk for very different campaigns, London-based MusicAlly mused as to how the platform might be used next, asking the question: is Landmrk the “Pokémon GO!” of the music world?