How it works


Create fully branded campaigns using our intuitive interface and get your content on the map (either directly through the mobile web or as part of a pre-existing app)


Promote your campaign URL, enabling users to activate your branded map and hotspots via Landmrk


Present your content and produce experiences that directly engage your audience in clearly defined physical locations


Track performance and engagement using our dedicated analytics suite, optimising the experience based on hard data

  • Putting your brand on the Landmrk map

    Maps are fully branded, hotspots can be positioned at will and Landmrk can host any type of digital content or experience

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  • Putting your brand on the Landmrk map

    Retailers have run competitions, hit TV shows have trailed new series, rock icons have launched albums. How will you use Landmrk?

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Go mobile or native

Landmrk campaigns can be driven through the mobile web or built into a native app

A mobile web campaign is opened in a browser on your smartphone (Safari, Google Chrome, etc) by clicking on a URL. Mobile web apps require internet connectivity to operate

A native app is installed directly onto a mobile device from Apple’s App Store, Google Play or similar and hosts your campaign. Some features of native apps are capable of operating without internet connectivity.

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