Crack Magazine x Aphex Twin

Crack Magazine Uses Landmrk To Power Aphex Twin Cover

About the project

When Bristol-based style bible Crack Magazine landed the legendary (and legendarily elusive) electronic music overlord Aphex Twin as its cover star for November 2018, it turned to Landmrk to help share the word -- and the love -- worldwide.In order to mark their interview with Richard D. James, Crack commissioned exclusive imagery from artists inspired by his music in hotspots worldwide. Devotees navigated their way to these, some of which were positioned alongside the title’s outdoor campaigns, and could dive further into the wonderful world of Aphex Twin.


Hotspots were placed in 90 countries worldwide for Aphex Twin fans to track down, using typically obscure URL, which Crack promoted on its pages and through social media channels. By the close of the campaign, more than 20,000 users had opened a hotspot -- with many of them being driven back to the magazine’s web page as well as unlocking the artworks. UK users proved the most emphatic, with the US and Japan close behind. All of these experiences were adapted worldwide, in real time by a small team based in Bristol.