Keith Richards

Keith Richards' Heritage Race Across London

About the project

Keith Richards’ life -- as anyone who has read his autobiography ‘Life’ can attest -- has been somewhat eventful. And so when the Rolling Stone geared up to release solo album ‘Crosseyed Heart’, a campaign was devised to highlight this rich history. Using Landmrk, locations were selected across London and the south-east to highlight where he lived, bought instruments and gigged while on the road to rock stardom. Temporary ‘Blue Plaques’ were erected for fans to find, identify and unlock in order to trigger the pre-release of tracks from the 2015 album.


Landmrk enabled the ‘Crosseyed Heart’ campaign to celebrate Keith Richards’ past in a very direct and personal way, dropping his newest music onto sites that helped shape his sound the first time around. Superfans were engaged by the prospect of racing to unlock music for themselves and others by inputting codes printed on plaques and the initiative as a whole enjoyed a strong take-up in the media. To find out more about this activation, contact Landmrk direct at