Shakira Seeks (And Finds) "El Dorado" With Fans Worldwide

About the project

Would you drive an hour to discover the track listing for your favourite singer’s new album? How about crossing town on the off chance they’ll busk in a park? Or does the thought of diving into the sacred waters of Laguna Guatavita to retrieve a golden relic on their behalf appeal? If you were following Shakira on Twitter in the build-up to the release of her 11th album, “El Dorado”, then you could have answered all these questions directly. The Colombian megastar trailed her new, chart-topping record in all of these ways and more as she looked to find a way to directly engage her 150-million plus followers across Twitter and Facebook. With this goal in mind she turned to the Landmrk platform, which enabled Shakira and her team at Sony Latin America to position ‘goldspots’ around the world in an experiential marketing campaign across 99 countries in almost 1,000 locations, where digital ‘treasures’ were hidden, including handwritten lyric sheets, behind the scenes rehearsal footage and the opportunity to take a Shakira-filtered selfie. Landmrk, which is app-free and fully supported by the mobile web, was accessed in a single click from a shared URL, giving users direct access to a branded map showing their location and that of the nearest goldspot. When reached, these unlock and the experience is revealed.


“Just spent an hour driving around like a buffoon, trying to locate a hidden treasure,” Tweeted Nikki Giuseffi with the hashtag #shakiraeldorado, which trended in territories from France to the Philippines. “Worth every mile!” She was one of more than 100,000 fans to click on the url on Day One of the 14-day campaign, which opened with a worldwide hunt for the album track listings in a epic experiential marketing project. Come the hugely successful May 26 release of “El Dorado”, the Landmrk campaign had driven more than 800,000 page views, with fans devoting almost 5,000 hours to tracking down treasure. One in five fans who accessed the platform returned repeatedly to unlock new experiences, and 10% of people who unlocked locations produced their own Shakira Golden Selfie. The album topped charts in 31 countries on release, was no. 1 on the Billboard Latin Albums list and proved the best-selling Latin album in over two years. To find out more about this activation, contact Landmrk direct at